NMR Platform for agronomy, food and nutrition
IRM au laboratoire

The unit manages the AgroResonance platform labelled both ISO 9001 and Collaborative Scientific Infrastructure by the CNOC (National Commission of Collective Tools, INRA). It conducts research on agro-food as well as on various biological systems, especially animal models. The platform is equipped with three spectrometers/NMR imagers of the latest generation: 4.7 T (Biospec 47/40), 9.4 T (AvanceIII 400) and 11.7 T (Biospec 117/16). The platform staff has a strong expertise in NMR/MRI but also in electronics and animal handling and operations (anaesthesia, animal intubation, monitoring physiological parameters inside and outside the MRI magnets, pre- and post-operative care).

AgroResonance methodological developments are related to QuaPA scientific questions as well as projects involving structural functional and metabolic analysis in vivo and in situ mostly coming from regional research team.

The methodological developments within the platform owe as much to the Unit’s backing as to its regional integration through projects involving structural, functional and metabolic analysis in vivo and in situ.


The scientific responsibility for the AgroResonance platform is assured by Guilhem Pagès, IR

Abdlatif Benmoussa, AI

Jean-Marie Bonny, DR

Carine Chassain, Engineer CHU

Sylvie Clerjon, IR

Cécile Keller, TR

Leslie Mazuel, Engineer  Clermont Auvergne University

Amidou Traoré, IR


Guilhem Pagès, 

AgroResonance website (in French)

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