Quality assurance

Quality assurance

The QuaPA unit ensures the openness and reliability of its research results by following the quality processes of the Institute.

Research Quality Assurance is a constant concern in the unit. All the staff is concerned, but the key players are the Management (Unit Director), the quality standards manager Abdlatif Benmoussa, the head of the metrological service Raphael Favier and the person who are in charge of these aspects in each of the scientific teams and platforms.

Since 2005, we have followed the V1 repository set up by INRA. This led us to establish standards for:

  • management of document quality ;
  • management of traceability notebooks;
  • sample management.

The unit was audited successfully on its quality process in January 2015.

Quality is constantly improving and since 2014, we have been following a new standard:

This change implies new requirements, including the description, control and management of our process of research conduct and experimentation. Our staff can rely on a new tool, the Quality Assur@nce QuaPA on our intranet.

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