The Proteomics Platform

The Proteomics Platform

The QuaPA unit also houses the proteomic component of the PlatForm “Exploration du Métabolisme” (PFEMcp) in which two mass spectrometry analysts and a biochemist are working, Christophe Chambon (IE, 100%, UR370 QuaPA), Claude Ferreira (TR, QuaPA), Thierry Sayd (IR, QuaPA) and Didier Viala (AI, 100%, detached from the UMR1213 Herbivores ) ; the scientific head of the PFEMcp is Michel Hébraud (DR2, UR454 Microbiology). The PFEM also comprise metabolomic and transcriptomic components. This research infrastructure is a major shared facility labelled as National Strategic Platform (PFNS) by the INRA National Commission for Collective Tools (CNOC) and National Platform by the GIS IBiSA. The PFEM is also certified ISO 9001-2008 since February 2013 and NFX 50-900 since february 2015 with the following title: “Development and implementation of methods for the quantification and the identification of metabolites and proteins in the fields of: nutrition, health, environment and food product quality ».

The PFEMcp is equipped with an ion trap (LTQ, Thermo Scientific) mass spectrometer (MS) coupled with a nano-HPLC (Ultimate 3000, Thermo Scientific), updated late 2010, and a MALDI-TOF / TOF imaging (SpeedAutoflex, Bruker) with an off-line HPLC (Ultimate 3000, Thermo Scientific), a fraction collector (Proteineer fc, Bruker) and a sample preparation device for image analyses of tissues sections (ImagePrep, Bruker), acquired in 2013. These devices allow the identification of proteins, structural studies of post-translational modifications of proteins and qualitative and quantitative comparisons of proteins or peptides in complex samples. In addition, the PFEMcp develops skills in MALDI imaging on tissue sections with the new MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer for targeted or non-targeted research on biomarkers.

Instruments de laboratoire

The field of activities covers both humans, animals, plants or microorganisms and meets the needs of all research laboratories. It is mainly open for academic laboratories but punctually works with private partners. In 2014, its activity was divided almost equally at regional, national and international levels (37%-26%-37%), often through local scientific collaborations. The methodological developments managed by the PFEMcp mainly concern (i) MALDI-imaging, (ii) searching for markers (sarcopenia), (iii) identification of bioactive peptides in plasma or digestates; (iv) label-free relative quantitation and (v) characterisation and comparison of microbial subproteomes (cell envelope, exoproteome). 


Christophe Chambon (Engineer) : 0033 4 73 62 44 64 ;

Michel Hébraud (DR, Scientific Manager) : 00 33 4 73 62 46 70 ; 

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